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UPV-CFOS, ASU-CFMS conduct forum on CRM initiatives in Batan Bay

UPV-CFOS, ASU-CFMS conduct forum on CRM initiatives in Batan Bay

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Research Databases

1. ASU-CFMS Brackishwater Fishfarm Project, Dumlog Fishfarm Project (Wet Laboratory and Demonstration Farm)

The ASU-CFMS Brackishwater Fishfarm Project is situated in Sitio Dumlog, Barangay Tambak, New Washington, Aklan. It has an area of 18.0 hectares. It focuses primarily on the culture of bangus and sugpo through different aquaculture practices such as polyculture, modular, semi-intensive. The fishpond has adequate facilities to implement fully and effectively the quadrology functions of the University which is instruction, research, extension and production. It is utilized primarily for production and training of the students for practicum, on-the-job training, practice-in-industry, research and income generating project of the school.


2. ASU-CFMS Brackishwater Fishfarm Project, Briones Fishfarm Project

The ASU-CFMS Brackishwater Fishfarm Project is located at the Barangay Briones, Kalibo, Aklan. It has an area of 8.5 hectares acquired by the college in the early 60’s in support of the curricular offerings in fishery education. This project is used for experimental, demonstration and income generation project as well as rearing of milkfish, prawn and Tilapia nilotica. It also serve as laboratory for the fish culture students and site for practicum, hands-on-training, researches and project in aquaculture. But as of the present, only around 6 hectares are being utilized and the rest needs excavation and repair.

The ASU-CFMS Brackishwater Fishfarm project is supplied by tidal water from Sibuyan sea via Tambak inlet to Fatima to Lagatik River and Mabilo River. It consists of nine rearing pond but one of it is conveted into mangrove garden and three nursery pond and two staff house for the caretaker.

The project supports the ASU-CFMS in the realization of its quadrology of functions namely: instruction, research, extension and production.


3. Tourism Education of Fish Processing Center

Operation of the Tourism Education of Fish Processing Center had been started. It was aimed to transfer technology to the students, housewives, out of school youth and tourists and create more job opportunities and serve as a venue for in-house OJT trainees. The fish processing laboratory was also aimed to meet the demand of the people who need nutritious ready to eat and ready to cook fish that is less in cholesterol and rich in protein. This serves as fish processing laboratory for BSF and BSMB students during practicum.

The project/laboratory were located in front of the right wing of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Building (Gate 2). The development of the facility was consisting of three phases; only the first phase had been completed consisting of the following components: landing, pre-processing and processing areas.


4. Bakery

ASU-CFMS Bakery is located as an extension of the leftwing of the Fisheries Science Building and connected with the coffee shop fronting the Magsaysay Boulevard. The facility is consists of production area and display counter which is provided with the baking facilities, equipment, supplies and materials. A small Kiosk is present at the display counter area.

The bakery project is primarily utilized with an IGP of the school and also used for instructional purposes for baking activities, research and extension of the BSHRM students and faculty.


5. Function Hall and Training Center

The Function Hall and Training Center offers different function services and venue for holding of meetings/ conferences/ workshops/ seminars/trainings with bigger number of guests and participants. An IGP project of the school and at the same time served as a training ground of BSHRM students and other hospitality related courses.

The main components of the facility include the function hall, bar, lanai, kitchen and storeroom. It is located at the southern part of the campus near or adjacent the General Education Building and at least 500 meters from the Administration Building fronting the entrance gate to the college building.

The Hot Kitchen/ Commercial Kitchen were built in the Function Hall and Training Center for the following reasons:

It serves as venues of the different occasions. Due to that, students will be trained to prepare food for different occasions.

Aside from preparing food, students will acquires knowledge in plating, and garnishing food.

The Function Hall and Training Center serves as Dining area of the BSHRM students especially that these training centers hold several occasions. Because of that, students will be trained to set the tables for different occasions, take orders from guests, merchandise and sell the menu, and serve the food.

The bar Set-up for Beverage Management is also built in this area because of the space and most of the functions are held in this area.


6. Hometel (Ladies Dormitory)

The Hometel is a laboratory facilities for BSHRM & AHRM students. Practicum, training, skills development and hands-on for housekeeping, front office, billeting, hotel operation and management had been conducted in this facility. It is located at the left wing of the Fishery Science Building in between the Coffee Shop and FSB  Rm 1 (Mediated Classroom). It is provided with 4 rooms: two (2) Guestrooms and two (2) communal bedrooms, a receiving room with a front desk.

The hometel is use for instruction and trainings center of students and IGP of the school. The Hometel has 2 rooms utilized as dorm of lady boarders.


7. Mens Dormitory

The Men’s Dormitory located at the right side of the Old Administration Building beside of the Supply Office. It is provided with 2 rooms.

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